The Medusa Radiometrics MS-100 UGC (Underwater Gammaray Counter) is a CsI-crystal-based gamma-ray detector system intended for deep-water use, for instance in pipeline inspection applications in which a radioactive source is placed on one side of a pipe and the sensor on the other side. The radiation seen by the sensor is a measure for e.g. the filling of the pipe. Other applications are of course also possible.

The sensor contains a rugged 2x2 inch CsI sensor, read-out by Silicon Photomultipliers and a Single Channel Analyser that converts the radiation detected into count-rate with an update rate of 10Hz. The system is mounted inside a rugged pressure-resistant housing that withstands water depths up to 1500m.

Connection is made using a special high-profile underwater connector. The system can be powered by a wide-input voltage (6.5-40V) and is ultra-low-power (35mA at 12V).

System Operation

The hardware has an RS232/RS485 interface and can be connected to any available data logger with a serial port. For rapid software development, a port driver is available for MS Windows or Linux platforms. The I/O protocol for the sensor is open and will be shared with a customer.

Sensor specifics

  • Sensor type: ultra-rugged 2x2 CsI crystal 

  • Readout type: Single Channel Counter 

  • Max count rate: >100,000 cps

  • Gamma energy range: 0-3000 keV 

  • Pressure Housing: Rugged Anodized Alu, tested to >150 Bar

  • Rapid startup (<1s)

  • Readout frequency: 10Hz

  • Communication: RS232, 4800 Baud. RS485 available on request

  • Connection: via Birns Wetmate MCBH4M-Ti

  • Cabling: Habia RTFRO 5x0,75mm

  • Size & Weight: 262x80mm OD, 2.2kg