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Airborne data - Niort (France)

The datasets gathered on this page were taken in 2010 during a demo survey done with TerraQuest in the south-west of France. At that time, TerraQuest were performing a large regional survey, among others with a triplet of RS500 systems.A "benchmarking" whitepaper describing the results can be found here.


Figure 1: some pictures of the sensors and plane used in Niort

The data attached to this page contains both the spectra from our MS-4000 system as well as the summed spectra from the 3 RS-500 systems.

Figure 2: an image comparing the data taken with the 2 systems.

The following files contain the data taken in the area. Click to download and unzip. For some of the files, a working (demo) copy of Gamman is needed.

Niort Medusa GAMMAN.zipZIP file containing a GSF (Gamman project file)All Medusa data (spectra, positions etc) taken in Niort. The
file contains the full flightpath.
Niort Medusa_spectra.zipZIP file containing a CSV file ready for use in Excel
or other 3rd party software.
All Medusa data + energy-stabilized spectra turned to 256-channels
Niort Terraquest GAMMAN.zipZIP file containing a GSF with the RS500 data.The RS-500 data is summed over 3 detector packs (in total 48 liters)
3xRS500 spectra_dwn.zipZIP file containing the RS-500 CSV data.Idem




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