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MCA specifications

The table below lists the specifications for MCA models Base527, mMCA v1 and mMCA v2.

Sampling and channels
Channels128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048  (40961, 81921, 163841)
ADC10 Ms/s (10MHz), 14bit, ≤0.05%

1 Not included in standard devices, available on request

Crystal and count rate optimization
The settings below are optimized for the used crystal and count rate of the intended application.
More info about the optimum settings is available on request.
Shaping Time:0.1µs - 2µs, (0.1µs steps)
Flat Top Time0μs - 15μs, (0.1μs steps)
Gain0.5 - 6.5, (0.0001 steps)
High voltage:0 - 10002 V
Pulse Pair Resolution240, 330, 760 and 860ns3

2 Higher voltages possible on request
3 Depends on settings

Other features
Input polarityPositive and Negative
Cosmicsoptionally recorded in last channel
Pile up rejectionYes, standard on
Throughput> 300,000 cps (dependent on count rate optimization settings)
Operation temperature range-20 °C - 50 °C
Auxillary sensorsOptional feature to add additional sensors to the system.

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