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MDC-100 cable

Communication protocolSerial (RS-232)
Last spectrometer2016-T024.004
Voltage protectionNot applicable
Connector AGeneric female DB-9
Connector BLumberg, 0322-07
Dust capsLumberg 0381, Lumberg 038199 (no chain) or Lumberg 038799 (plastic)

The MDC-100 communication cable is used with spectrometers using the RS-232 protocol. Typically, these spectrometers work like a GPS, when powered they will broadcast NMEA sentences containing data from the spectrometer.  The MDC-100 cable is for communication only, the spectrometer is powered by other means.

Connection scheme

Pin numbering

Female DB-9
Note: The connector is moulted, pin numbering as seen from the outside.

Lumberg, 0322-07
Note: Pin numbering as seen from the solder side.

Pin description (Lumberg connector)

#DescriptionWire color
1Spectrometer data inNot specified
2Spectrometer data outNot specified
3Not connected-
4Not connected-
5Not connected-
6Not connected-
7Ground/commonNot specified


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