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MSB-20x mounting brackets

The MSB-200 (picture on the left) and MSB-201 brackets can be used to mount the carbon Medusa MS-1000, MS-1200 and MS-2000 spectrometers on a quad, drone or other vehicle. They can be used with spectrometers numbered 2018T044.025 and later. The MSB-201 bracket is wider in the middle and has only a single mounting hole on the outside, where the MSB-200 bracket has two holes in the middle. Other mounting options can be found here.

For mounting the rubbers onto a vehicle, it is recommended to use stainless steel M4 bolts with a 16mm (nylon) spacer between rubber and bolt. A usable spacer is produced by duratool, article number DT000343. Make sure to use a bolt with a wide head, or use an additional washer.

Latest codeActive
Aluminium cover


'Instrument' mounts
Produced by Flexico
Article number 039 18 023
40 shore


Spectrometer configurations

The drawings below show how the brackets can be used with some spectrometers. Click on an image to enlarge.

MSB-200 with MS-1000

MSB-200 with MS-2000

MSB-201 with MS-2000

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