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The dashboard is the default landing page when accessing the spectrometer. The page gives a basic insight into the measurements of the connected sensors, settings and detector information.

Sensor boxes

The table below describes the information boxes displayed on the Dashboard page. The sensor boxes contain an information icon at the right. By clicking on the information icon, the sensor infobox is opened. Through this window, it is possible to inspect the incoming data displayed in the Medusa-defined JSON sensor format described on the JSON documentation page.



Spectral updates

A number displaying the live count rate measured by the scintillation crystal.


Positional information. This can be recorded by the internal GPS or this can be the result of streaming the NMEA strings from an external GPS.


Values for the Pressure, Temperature and Humidity sensors.


System Information. A new project can be created through the button in this box, similar to creating a project on the Projects page.

Info boxes

The screenshots below show the data that can be inspected by clicking on the information icons. Through this view, the raw data that is collected by the sensor can be inspected. All the JSON that is shown in the boxes are stored within the active project. 

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