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Exported data

The rhoC5 app allows exporting of data as a CSV (comma-separated values) file that can be opened directly by various programs, including MS Excel. An example of such a file can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

CSV export

The table below shows a description of the headers in the CSV file.




Measurement nr

Successive number of the measurement or borehole.


User provided description of the measurement/borehole.

Reading nr

Successive number of the reading within the measurement.


Timestamp of the measurement, includes both the date and a time.



Depth of the center of the soil density measurement. Note that the soil moisture measurement is for a depth 130 mm lower.



Latitude of the position as provided by the onboard GPS.



Longitude of the position as provided by the onboard GPS.

Position accuracy


Accuracy of the position.

Field bulk density

kg/l (identical to g/cc)

Field bulk density.

See Measurement results

Field bulk density accuracy

kg/l (identical to g/cc)

Accuracy of the field bulk density.

Dry bulk density

kg/l (identical to g/cc)

Dry bulk density.

See Measurement results


% volumetric

Soil moisture content.

See Measurement results

User moisture


Calculated soil moisture content, based on a user defined formula.

See Measurement results

Note that each row in the CSV file describes a single reading at a specific depth. Values that are identical for all readings in a measurement are available in each row.

mDOS export

The rhoC5 runs on the Medusa Detector Operating System (mDOS), which stores sensor data onboard. It is possible to download the project files directly from the web interface. These project files may provide additional information. For more details, please check the mDOS documentation:

Example CSV file


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