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1. User interface

In this chapter all commands accessible through the user interface will be discussed. The user interface contains the following elements:
· Menu bar;
· Spectral view;
· Plot view;
· Data view.
An image showing the layout and names of these elements can be found in the topic User interface.

Menu bar

The menu bar contains a shortcut to the most important options of Gamman.

Menu bar

Spectral view

The Spectral view consists of a graph containing spectral information about the current selected data points and a menu bar on the left containing information and settings. This chapter will describe these various elements.

Spectral view

Vertical logarithmic scale (Y-axis) represents the number of particles. Horizontal linear scale (X-axis) represents the gamma energy. The gamma energy keV (kilo electron volt) is the unity of energy of a particle.

Left menu bar


Contains no commands but information about the fit of the current selection (concentration of radio nuclides and stabilization factors):
· Concentration of the radio nuclides in [Bq/kg] or [ppm] and countrate [particles/s];
· Standard deviation (indicated with letter 'S') of the radio nuclides and countrate [Bq/kg] or [particles/s] ;
· Chi2 and Stab (A1) values containing information about the quality of the fit and stabilization.

More information can be found in the topic Stabilization.

Plot view

The plot view consist of a graph where the various data fields inside the data set can be plotted against each other. The plot can be modified using the left menu bar.

Plot view

The source of the axis can be changed in the left menu bar.

Left menu bar

Data source



Data view

The data viewer displays the data imported numerically. From the data viewer tags and selections can be made. The menu is available by right clicking on the table. Double clicking a data column will show statistics (minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation).

Data viewer

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