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2. Menus and dialogs

In this chapter all commands will be described accessible through the File menu and the dialogs Process, Plot settings, Program settings, and About.

File menu

From the File menu all basic commands can be accessed. Listed below is a summary of all commands available through the File menu. For a more detailed description on each command, please refer to the Tutorials.

Process dialog

The process dialog is used to specify the desired fitting scheme and settings. Five fitting schemes are present in Gamman:
1. Fit each
2. Smart fit
3. Repeated average
4. Conditional summing.
5. Traditional fit

In the bottom part of the dialog, two options are presented. Checking plot while processing will plot each spectrum while it is being processed. Unchecking this will speed up processing.
Checking use smoothing guideliner displays a dropdown box that allows to select a column in your raw data that contains e.g. line numbers or another guideline. When selected, the smoothening algorithm will only average those data that have the same guideline number. For example, consider that your data contains a column numbering the lines flown in a survey. When using this as a guideliner, the averaging and smoothing algorithm will only use rows of data having the same line number. This avoids overruns and interpolation between flight lines.

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