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2. Tutorials

Gamman is a toolbox that allows for the efficient automated analysis of large series of gamma spectra, for instance obtained during geophysical surveys. The software contains an implementation of the full spectrum analysis (FSA) method developed by Medusa Explorations BV in collaboration with the Nuclear Physics Institute of the University of Groningen (Netherlands).

FSA comprises the mathematically most efficient method to derive nuclide concentrations from gamma ray spectra. The method utilizes virtually all spectral data present in a gamma spectrum to derive nuclide concentrations. Gamman merely provides an interface to apply FSA to different selections of (series of) gamma spectra.

In Gamman, each data record consists of a gamma spectrum, and additional information (for instance a GPS position of the measurement, a depth in case of a bore hole measurement, environmental information like elevation or air pressure, etc etc). Several tools are provided to manipulate this data, create selections, and delete parts of the data. Also, file import filters are provided to allow for parsing gamma ray data from several suppliers of gamma sensors.

Gamma ray analysis is performed in two steps; first each spectrum in a dataset is “stabilized” (i.e. each multi channel spectrum in your dataset is converted to a spectrum having all the peaks at the right energy position) and then each stabilized spectrum is de convoluted into concentrations of (naturally occurring) radionuclides (40K, 238U, 232Th, or other).

Enjoy using Gamman! And check the pages below for a quickstart to using Gamman!

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