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The hardware

The rhoC5 is a sensitive piece of equipment that contains a scintillation crystal. Use it as such, do not apply forces to the tube, and prevent it from physical shocks. The tip of the rhoC5 is made of nylon. This material is strong and wear-resistant, but remember that it can still break out of the titanium tube is also brittle.

Switching the rhoC5 on

There is a switch on top of the rhoC5, which allows you to switch the device on. A green PWR LED will indicate when the device is switched on. The rhoC5 is battery-powered and can run for approximately 6 hours on a single charge.


The charging connector on top is IP65 rated against dust and moisture, but only when mated with the connector or with the dust cap in place. Note that the detector should not be submerged. The rhoC5 can be charged from a 5V USB power source using an MDC-803 cable. It is possible to operate the rhoC5 when it is charging, so the maximum operating time can be extended by using a USB power bank. Charging a fully drained battery may take up to 3 hours. For this, a power delivery adapter is required, as such an adapter is capable of providing higher current and higher voltages than a typical USB adapter.

When charging, the LEDs on the hardware will indicate the charge progress:

  • 0 - 25%: 1 LED blinking green

  • 25% - 50%: 1 LED continuous + 1 LED blinking green

  • 50% - 75%: 2 LEDs continuous + 1 LED blinking green

  • 75% - 100%: 3 LEDs continuous + 1 LED blinking green

  • 100%: 4 LEDs continuous

When the battery is drained, the PWR LED will blink red a few times before the device is switched off.

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