The Medusa mMCA Version2 combines the MCA from the Version1 unit with an embedded computer system running mDOS (Medusa Detector Operating System). The Medusa MCA version 1 is a propitiatory multi-channel analyzer with a fully digital, FPGA-based multichannel analyzer with built-in HV. This system is mounted directly on the back of the PMT, thereby optimizing cable lengths and reducing noise. Version 2 contains an industrial-grade computing module with peripheral sensors and a dedicated power supply board. These electronics have been designed to minimize volume, weight, and power usage.

The system is fully autonomous and has optional functionality to process the measured data in real-time and outputs nuclide concentration. This gives direct insight into the measured data and enables the further automation of gamma-ray surveys.

The characteristics of the MCA are listed on the page: MCA specifications.

Specific to this model are:

Readout & power


RS-232 or ethernet


Static or dynamic IP


9-18V (standard) or 9-35V (on request)

2.5W (normal) - 6W (peak)

Included sensor


4× ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz

Internal storage

4Gb flash (expandable on request).

Real time clock

Resolution: seconds to years


low noise, 14bit ADC resolution with 0.244 mg/LSB


On-board logging

default included

On-board processing

optional, default not included


Default spectrum viewer and file manager included

Project manager

Available on request


Available on request

Pressure, temperature, and height sensors

Available on request

External power supply