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MDC-60x cable

Communication protocolNone
Last spectrometerActive
Voltage protection

No voltage protection

Connector ALemo FGT.1M.308.XLMT
Connector BLemo FGT.1M.308.XLMT
Dust capsLemo BGF.1M.100.CAV or BGF.1M.100.XAV (note: this dust cap protects the connector on the cable)

The MDC-600 communication cables can be used to connect a connection box and a spectrometer. Note that the cables are not equipped with an under- and overvoltage protection circuit and should therefore only be used in a setup where an MDC cable with power protection is used to power the PUCK. The MDC-600 cable connects power, RS-232 and ethernet from the connection box to the spectrometer.

The Lemo FGT.1M.308.XLMT connector requires special tools to (dis)assemble. Please contact Medusa if the cable needs servicing.



Can be used to connect the connection box to the spectrometer

Pin numbering

Lemo FGT.1M.308.XLMT
Note: Pin numbering as seen from the back side.

Pin description (Lemo connector)

#DescriptionWire color
1Power Red and blue
2RS-232 TxBrown / white
3RS-232 RxBlue / white
4Tx+Orange / white
6Rx+Green / white


8GroundBlack and brown




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