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Cables and connectors

Medusa detectors can be connected by a variety of cables. Some cables are only used to power the detector, and other cables are used to have a wired connection to the detector. Each series of cables is characterized by the connector inserted into the detector. Below is a list of the cables manufactured for Medusa detectors.


Communication only cable used with spectrometers using the RS-232 protocol.


Simple PoE (Power over Ethernet) cable without voltage protection. Often used together with a PoE injector unit.


Combined power and ethernet cable with a Lumberg connector. The MDC-300 cables include a voltage protection circuit.


Combined power and ethernet cable with a Lemo connector. Includes a voltage protection circuit.


USB power and possible communication. Developed for powering the spectrometer from a powerbank.


Power cable and communication cable used to connect the gamma-ray spectrometer to the connection box.


Power cable used in combination with the connection box.



Power and communication cable used to connect the gSMS sensor

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