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MDC-30x cable

Communication protocolEthernet
Last spectrometer2017T043.024
Voltage protection
  • MDC-300: Undervoltage and overvoltage (18V)
  • MDC-301: None
Connector ARJ-45
Connector BNone (flying leads)
Connector CLumberg 0322-08
Dust capsLumberg 0381, Lumberg 038199 (no chain) or Lumberg 038799 (plastic)

The MDC-300 communication cable can be used to connect a spectrometer directly to both a computer and a power source. Note that some cables (labelled MDC-300) are equipped with an under- and overvoltage protection circuit. This circuit protects the hardware against voltages which are too high (up to 60V) and against reverse polarity issues. The MDC-301 cable does not have any voltage protection. Aside from the label, the MDC-300 and MDC-301 cables have identical appearance.



Includes electronics which protect the spectrometer against voltages which are too low (including negative voltages caused by reversed polarity) and voltages which are too high.

MDC-301Does not include any voltage protection.

Connection scheme

The connection scheme for the MDC-300 cable is shown below. The MDC-301 cable has the same connection scheme, but is lacking the voltage protection circuit. The voltage protection circuit in the cable prevents the power lines from being inspected using a multimeter.

Pin numbering

The RJ-45 connector follows the T-568B standard.


Lumberg 0322-08
Note: Pin numbering as seen from the solder side.

Pin description (Lumberg connector)

#DescriptionWire color
1Rx+Orange / white
3Tx+Green / white
5PowerBlue / white
7GroundBrown / white


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