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MDC-200 cable

Communication protocolEthernet (PoE)
Last spectrometer2016-T037.007
Voltage protectionNone
Connector ARJ-45
Connector BLumberg, 0332-08
Dust capsLumberg 0383, Lumberg 038399 (no chain) or Lumberg 038899 (plastic)

The MDC-200 communication cable is used with PoE (power over ethernet) spectrometers. Using this cable, the spectrometer can directly be connected to a computer or router which support PoE. When no PoE functionality is available, power needs to be required elsewhere. For this a PoE injector can be used, such as the Medusa PoE injector unit.

Connection scheme

Both connectors share the same pin-out. That is, pin 1 of the Lumberg connector is connected to pin 1 of the RJ45 connector, etcetera. Note that pin 4 and pin 5 have the same function, but they are not connected. The same applies for pin 7 and 8.

Pin numbering

The RJ-45 connector follows the T-568B standard.

Lumberg, 0332-08
Note: Pin numbering as seen from the solder side.

Pin description

#DescriptionWire color
1Rx+Orange / white
3Tx+Green / white
4DC+ (+48V)Blue
5DC+ (+48V)Blue / white
7DC- (ground)Brown / white
8DC- (ground)Brown


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