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MSB-30x mounting brackets

The MSB-30x brackets can be used to mount the Medusa MS-1000, MS-700, and MS-350 spectrometers on a UAV. Since there are many types of UAVs available, these mountings have been designed to be attached to a variety of UAV frames. 




Mounting that can be attached to the Medusa Handle. Designed specifically to be mounted on the mounting frame of the DJI-M600.

Carbon fibre plate that functions as the mounting interface. Customizable to be mounted under the DJI-M600 or to be fitted with a quick-release interface.

Aluminium cover



'Instrument' mounts
Produced by Flexico
Article number 039 18 023
40 shore


Mouting, drawings and assembly instructions

MSB-300 assembly instructions

MSB-301 assembly instructions

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